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gay art magazine - queer artists magazine , Daily color article , about gay art history, artists interviews, exhibitions announcement, artists portfolios, all is free service  GayPaintings Magazine:
Gay artists magazine , Daily color article , about gay art history, artists interviews, exhibitions announcement, artists portfolios, all is free service
felix deonFelix d'Eon
Young San Francisco based painter specializing in beautiful and sexy paintings of the male nude. His paintings continue the in the traditions of gay painters Thomas Eakens and Henry Scott Tuke, and are collected the world over
elaneClark Elane
"This site explores the theory and practice of my life and work. I'm an artist, teacher and activist living and working in Providence, Rhode Island..."
homogenda expose of gay artists artworkshomogenda
"homogenda 2007 - art project that expose gay artists artworks ( for free) in diary and books"
johan ekkelJohan Ekkel
My work covers all the different aspects of being gay: from the innocent young boy to the leather-clad man. Always painted in oil with a fine brush or detailed pencil drawings, the light plays an important role, in the tradition of the great Dutch masters
gay art forum queer painters, photographers writers and art lovers  invited to add artworks by subjects like: gay, lesbian, erotic art, landscape, still life, portraits and moreGay Art Forum
gay painters, photographers writers and art lovers invited to add artworks by subjects like: gay, lesbian, erotic art, landscape, still life, portraits and more
eric caiyEric Caiy
Nude male and gay oil paintings.
hero tolsmaHero Tolsma
painter of the male nude form,Place in fantastic landscape.
peter fossPeter Foss
photographer, graphic designer and artist Peter Foss has been painting since the 1980's. inspired by the vibrant gay scene in Berlin.
Artist in the south of France, ardory is a sort of modern portraitist. He work with gold and iron (chiaroscuro). And he try with humor, sensuality...and human feeling to build some private portrait of gay, bi and straight.
Daniel GarbadeDaniel Garbade
, A swiss gay artist who lives and works in Spain.paint male portrait and male nude paintings and drawings
colsteePeter Colstee
Realistic oil paintings of the young male nude.
Also work in commission.
Alfredo Sebastian Pirucha MendezAlfredo Sebastian Pirucha Mendez
Figurative informal painting between the abstract thing and the infantile thing. In his paintings it reflects curious situations, gestures and expressions
yuliang wuyuliang wu
My oil paintings cover all aspects of the male figure and show both fine and strong brushwork,creating a brilliant palette of light and shade.
rane caponeRane Capone
details coming soon
tom asadTom Asad
Asad tends to create paintings built around specific themes. On this web page he has included three of them: The Man Natural, The Nature of Love and One He Hasn’t Named Yet. The following are the statements of his philosophies.
naive paintingsnaive paintings
It's great to work with kids ! The smaller they are, the freer and more creative… This series shows drawings, books and diaries with the child's dimension that allows feelings out, including feelings of intense pressure from older adults.
Jeff Spicer
 gay artJeff Spicer This bodyof work is peppered with various motivators, some are inspired by the scenic beauty of southern California and my native Kentucky, some by my love of music, some are a combination of my spiritual beliefs Christian and Native American, but throughout the central focus is always the male form.
Frank Joseph
Frank Joseph
South beach body casting.
jorge ortegaJorge Ortega
Ideals of family, young, citizenship are present on the imagines and they are request at the movent. The paint must be look simple, but itsn´t. It developed in a between different symbol with the relation and contradiction.
oren elbazOren Elbaz
Muscular men, most of them beheaded, their bodies turning into raw flesh. These images depict the ambivalent regard toward the image of the perfect male body nowadays, both adoration and scorn simultaneously.
I am an artist/illustrator from Canada. I use pencil and coloured graphite to create erotic gay intrest drawings/illustrations.
peter wymanPeter Wyman
Exploring the infinite joy of the male figure
egon posseltEgon Posselt
The German artist creates for more than 5 decades gay-art. On his website You will find a lot of examples of his erotic dream-vision, some painted in a realistic , some also in a surrealistic manner.
jean marc plassard Jean-Marc Plassard
classifies himself as a colorist and describes his artistic motivations as being 'Desire, Love & Sensuality '. Generally, his paintings depict sensual pleasures of the male physique. A provocative and sensitive view of the male form. Specifically, they are an oeuvre in a modern, figurative style, using light, colour and contrast to create atmosphere and texture.
michael breyetteMichael Breyette
Michael Breyette's online studio showcases his original male nude art. Available for purchase are his original works and limited edition prints featuring the athletic male nude form. Many of Michael's works are also available as free e-Cards.
israel gay artists 50 gay  art and lesbian Israeli artists portfolio - 14 artworks, bio , personal photos and more Israel Gay Artists
50 gay and lesbian Israeli artists portfolio - 14 artworks, bio , personal photos and more
dan sabaDan Saba
Gay art gallery. A selection of erotic nude male art works by Dan Saba. Dan Saba specializes in fine realism of nude male art that celebrate the male body in all its strength and beauty.
bazhe Bazhe
Is a writer, poet, and artist. He has published in the Balkans and America. His art has been exhibited in NYC.
moellerDavid Moeller
figuative and abstract aspects and collage elements, Sculpture, Furniture Design and Glasswerks Studios, work also on modeling.
Sommersell Fine Art
A site of high quality erotic art in various media.
abaro male nude paintings Abaro
My paintings are trying to show my attitude to life, my zest for life through an individual style all my own: oil paints and cardboard on wood and the picture of a really peculiar world comes out.
douglas simonson Douglas Simonson
has built a global following for his striking interpretations of the male nude. This online gallery contains over 100 Simonson paintings, drawings, posters and limited-edition prints, plus a wealth of information about the art and the artist.
douglasJohn Douglas
Australian gay artist,Site features regularly updated Painting and Photography Galleries, a visual arts biography and media reviews of John Douglas.
hank jonesHank Jones
My main interest is in depicting the naked human form. Part of that exercise is the exploration of the conflicting themes that have always attended the nude in art -- beauty, sexuality, holiness, corruptibility, celebration and censure.
hans janssenHans Janssen
Paintings of the male for the male
niellyFrancoise Nielly
Portrays the male nude in the expressionist style, here medium of preference is oil paint, work with a palette knife. She focuses on emotion, light and texture.
kincaidBrent Kincaid
Homo erotic art uses a combination of live models and photographs. He likes the human form, and prefers the male human body for creative products. His work is largely oil and acrylic paintings in all sizes.
male art galleryErotic male art Gallery
Gallery that exhibits various artists in the sections of paintings, photos, ceramic tiles, drawings, glass, prints and other media.
rolandRoland creations images
Danny BabineauxDanny Babineaux
Danny Boy Studio-Masculine Art Artwork of masculine Bears, Daddies, Mature Men, and Muscles "
esteban brunoEsteban Bruno
Mix graphism, drawing, painting, photography and directing. A rich Universe and a multi-skilled artist. Camp , Kitsch, Pop, Queer, serious, A certain sense of humour, decadence, erotism, non-sens....
alann de vuystAlann De Vuyst
A Flemish nomadic traveler artist with a huge interest in the phallic worship which he has seen in Asia and various other indigenous cultures. This generous phallic interrst has lead to many homoerotic works of art .
per egilPer Egil
Hompage contains pictures of my oilpaintings of malenudes, flowers and others.
Pacifico PalumboPacifico Palumbo
Oil painting by renowned neon artist Pacifico Palumbo featuring oil interpretations of Wilhelm von Gloeden's "Boys of Taormina" photographs.
shawn p. johnsonShawn P. Johnson
The works are multi- media with content that ranges from studies in nature to provocative and thought-provoking homoerotica. The paintings and drawings are expressions of the fine difference between sex and sensuality!"
ted fusbyTed Fusby
Colorful and erotic male nude paintings celebrating the beauty of the adult male body.
William F. Raymond William F. Raymond
gay erotic themes, floral art, myth, commentary art, faces, which are done in water based oil and there are prints of these artworks.
gay art posters shop for  queer poster
gay art posters
shop for queer poster
cor windhouwerCor Windhouwer
Dutch artist who explores a variety of mediums and materials. My work expresses my diverse and personal views of portraiture. I try to express the feeling I get from watching pictures from men&nature into using colors.
erotic art Ron Anderegg
works in many media with content that ranges from portraits to thought-provoking erotica.
kuzma sergeevich petrov vodkinkuzma sergeevich petrov vodkin
famous Russian painter
Eugene Fredrik Jansson gay artEugene Fredrik Jansson
famous Stockholm gay painter
Gay Kama Sutra paintingsGay Kama Sutra paintings
several painters artworks
Thomas Eakins Thomas Eakins
famous USA Painter, sculptor and photographer
perez - rafi pertzRaphael Perez
contemporary gay art gallery , paintings of nude man, woman, couples, single sex family, pride parades, soldiers, portraits and man nudity, perez characterizing homosexual relationships and love as they are expressed in everyday life.
gay photographers artists gay photographers list
list of 35 gay photographers artists
Gay  nude male art, erotic  male furry fantasy clip yiffy work pride boy  picture japan hero super queer men art men artwork boys picture images collection man artistsyahoo gay art group
you will find wonderful galleries of the gay artists: Keith Haring, Jean Cocteau, Sharon Toval ,Chris Morgan ,Ron Young ,David-Glen Smith,Sebastian Moreno, Roger Aakesson, keith barrell, Ardory, Randy Compton,M. Houde, Raphael perez, Francoise nielly, Douglas Simonson, Lynx and alot more... gay artists can built their own gallery ,add links ,contact other artists and gay art lovers
Motives of Artists, Painters, Designers and Illustrators as hand made rug.
Fascinatingly impressions that give the room individual notes
Gay Art Rug
Motives of Artists, Painters, Designers and Illustrators as hand made rug. Fascinatingly impressions that give the room individual notes
20 short gay art movies by raphael perezGay Art Movies
20 Short gay art movies by Raphael




Gallery 1:Realism art , Two men , Man , Man&Woman , Two Women , Woman , Portrait
Gallery 2:Red art , Sitting man , Man from Behind , Man in bed , Man on chair , Couple in the park , Man looking
Gallery 3:
Naive paintings , Couple in love, Couple in the bath , Married men , Men in games , Soldiers , Two men runnig ,Couple on chair, Couple looking , Couple peeing , Man giving birth
Gallery 4:
Other subjects ,  Flowers , Still life , Lions , Paris , Flower watercolour , Flower-drawing , Oil-painted flower , Street
Gallery 5:
Drawings , Painter and model , Couple with still life , Man near window , Man and woman in Bed , Naked female , Hand , Portrait drawing , Naked self-portrait , Color paper
Gallery 6:

Erotic , Two Men having sex , Two men in bed , Kiss my ass , Gay flag-paintings , Gay flag-color , Erotic drawing , Sex Drawings , Sex and Love
Gallery 7:Books and Diaries , Children drawing , Notebook , Abstract , Rodin as a child , Dark drawing , My drawing with kids , My parents , Diary , Animals , Kiss between man&woman , Emotion energy